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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Meatloaf with egg and carrot in the middle

Meatloaf with egg and carrot in the middle recipe

Here is another recipe that my husband adores. This simple meatloaf with boiled eggs and carrot in the middle is great for a family dinner. You won't need to buy lots of ingredients and it won't take you much time to make it but the result will surprise you and your guests!

You need:

- 400g (14 oz) minced meat (here is a tip for minced meat)
- 1 egg
- salt, black pepper
- 3 boiled eggs
- 1 big carrot (or 2 small ones)

Combine the minced meat, egg, salt and pepper and mix them with a food processor (you can also mix them by hand but the food processor will make the meatloaf more gentle)

The combined ingredients will look like this

Take 1/2 of the meat mixture and arrange it on the aluminum foil

Cut the carrot in half lengthwise

Place the carrot and boiled eggs on top of the meat mixture

Cover it with the rest of the meat and give it the form of a meatloaf

Wrap the meatloaf in the aluminum foil. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F and bake it for 1 hour

Slice the meatloaf and enjoy your delicious dinner! Bon appetit:-)

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