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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Stuffed meat rolls recipe

stuffed meat rolls recipe step by step

If you are looking for some delicious, easy and creative idea for a dinner this is your lucky day:-) These stuffed meat rolls are super tasty and you'll need only 4 ingredients.  Learn how to make them in easy steps and surprise your guests:-) 

You need:

- pork slices
- bacon slices
- cheddar slices
- fresh arugula
(+ red wine and water for cooking)
I don't ad salt because the bacon is already salty enough but if you can add some salt as well

Pound the meat slices with a meat mallet to make them softer

Place a slice of bacon on top of each pork meat slice

Put a cheddar slice on top of the bacon

Put some arugula on the cheese

Wrap the meat slices around and fix them with toothpicks

Fry the meat rolls in some oil from all sides (3 minutes for each side)

Place the rolls in a deep pan and add some water (it should cover the meat rolls) and 1/4 cup red wine and cook them for 20 minutes

And voilĂ ! Your super tasty dinner is ready:-) Bon appetit and enjoy it!

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