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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Corn and bean soup recipe

My family loves soups. We often eat them as a first course for dinner. This corn and bean soup is one of our favorites. It is light, delicious and original. And it's really quick and easy to make - just perfect if you want something tasty  but don't have much time to cook! 

You need:

- 110g (4 oz) bacon or Italian raw ham
- 300g (11 oz) canned beans
- 300g (11 oz) canned corn
- 1 small leek
- 150ml (5 fl oz) fresh cream

Cut the leek and fry it in some oil

Combine the leek and beans, put them in a big soup pot and add water. Bring it to boil

Chop the bacon o raw ham (if you use fresh bacon fry it before) and add it to the beans. Cook for 2-3 minutes

Add corn and boil for another 5 minutes

And the last step: combine the fresh cream and stir well. Add some salt and black pepper. Cook for another 2 minutes

Enjoy this delicious soup and Bon appetit:-)

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