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Thursday 28 January 2016

Homemade sore throat candy drops

Homemade sore throat candy drops recipe, lozenges

My husband often suffers from sore throats:-( I was looking for some natural remedy that would coat and protect his throat. After many experiments I finally found my sore throat candy drops recipe:-) They are 100% natural, easy to make and really effective!

You need:

  • 3tbsp sugar
  • 1 peppermint tea bag
  • 1/2tsp white vinegar
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 1tbsp lemon juice
  • 10g (1tbsp) fresh ginger
  • 5 dried cloves
  • 1/4tsp cloves in powder

Prepare the infusion of peppermint tea, dried cloves and ginger in hot water (simply boil 1/4 cup of water and pour it over the tea bag, cloves and ginger)

Leave it cool and drain

Combine 1tbsp of infusion with 3tbsp sugar, vinegar, lemon juice and cloves in powder

Turn on the heat and stir all the time, go on simmering for bout 10 minutes until the mixture becomes thick and syrupy

To check if the mixture is ready just put a drop of it in some cold water. If the drop becomes solid like a candy it's ready

Let the mixture cool a little, add the honey and stir well. Cover a tray with baking paper and pour little drops of the syrup onto the paper

Let the candies cool and mix them well with some powdered sugar (it won't let them stick together)

Transfer the cooled candies in a container and use them whenever your throat gives you a trouble. Be naturally healthy!

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