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Saturday 5 December 2015

Lemon and whipped cream balls recipe

pastries lemon and cream balls

These lemon and whipped cream balls are a perfect mini dessert. They are so pretty and delicious! Full of lemon flavor and so soft... they melt in your mouth. One is never enough! This easy-to-follow recipe will make your life a little sweeter:-)

You need:

- 1 lemon sponge cake
- 250g (1,5 cup) sweet whipped cream
- coconut powder

Crumble the lemon sponge cake

Prepare the whipped cream (don't make it too sweet)

Combine the cake crumbles and whipped cream

Mix well until all the ingredients keep together

Wet you hands and make a lot of little balls of a walnut size. Coat them in the coconut powder

Place them in the fridge for 1 hour. Ready! You can decorate them with some liqueur (I put some drops of Alchermes on top of each ball). Bon appetit!

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