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Friday 23 October 2015

We are what we eat (unhealthy snacks)

Everybody knows that junk food is BAD but we always find excuses like ''eating it every once in a while won't hurt you''. Well, my yesterday's experience showed that this excuse doesn't work! 

My family has been following a healthy diet for a pretty long time and I do my best to give only healthy homemade food to my 4-years-old son. Of course, like every child he adores chocolate, sweets and fries and he eats them just in a homemade version (I substitute ''fried'' fries with ''oven'' fries; make homemade chocolate,sweets,yogurt and ice cream). And I must admit that we feel good! Of course homemade jelly candies aren't so bright as the store-bought ones but they are sugar-free and don't contain color additives and dangerous food preservatives.  You can control the amount of fat and salt in your homemade snacks.

But, unfortunately, sometimes the situation goes out of your control:-( Yesterday my son ate some colorful button-shaped chocolates (of a famous company). While he was eating them his tongue looked like a rainbow! I could only imagine the color of his stomach then! As soon as I saw it I took them off from him but the damage was done: my boy became hyperactive and non controllable (of course! these chocolate snacks are overloaded with sugar). I gave him vegetables and chicken for dinner hoping to ''put'' at least something good into his stomach. But during the night he was suffering from a stomach ache and vomited:-( He didn't digest the vegetables and chicken at all! And the artificial colors were still there! After almost 7 hours!!!!!... So, I was wondering, how artificial and harmful the junk food is to be able to block the stomach and not let it digest the healthy food:-( 

This bad experience made me even more homemade addict. Better not to eat at all instead of eating bad food. Especially for our children.

Don't stuff yourself with junk and unhealthy meals. I think our body uses its defense mechanism to object ''bad'' food. It's telling us ''I am not a dustbin!''

Eat healthy food and you'll feel a whole lot better:-)

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