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Wednesday 21 October 2015

How to make yogurt with a yogurt maker

Yogurt has a lot of health benefits. Especially if it's homemade! You can decide if to add sugar or honey or make it sugar-free. My family loves it with homemade granola:-) Just one word - YUMMY... and so easy to make!

You need:

- 1 liter (34 fl oz) pasteurized whole milk (it will make a thicker yogurt)
- 125g (4 oz) plain yogurt

Both milk and yogurt have to be of a room temperature (don't boil the milk before). Combine them together and stir well with a spoon.

Place the mixture of yogurt and milk into the yogurt maker and switch it on. My own experience shows that yogurt bacteria prefer night time, I don't know the reason why but yogurt results better if I make it during the night. Maybe bacteria are afraid of the light? :-)))))))) I switch the yogurt maker on at 11 pm and switch it off in the morning at 7am (8 hours are just enough to get thick yogurt). When it's ready take off the container with yogurt, stir it well, let it cool and place in fridge for at least 1 hour so it can cool and thicken.  Enjoy it!

Useful tip: leave 125g of your yogurt aside - you can use it as a started next time. Just combine this starter with 1 liter of milk and make new yogurt:-))))) It is possible to use your own starter up to 3-4 times.

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